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Java Back End Developer

Get familiarized with Java ecosystems through OOPs Concepts, designs and architectural patterns. Master java libraries and java concurrency patterns with Code Experts

Java Back End Developer
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Why CodeExperts?

Planned Enterprise Learning

We are on a mission to train each and every individual who is foraying into the world of IT. It’s always very great if there is an additional hand to walk you through when you launch yourself into any given domain. And technical Software Enterprise domain is a very in depth and expanding domain. Hence our mentorship will definitely lead you to a successful career pathway. Some of our team members are dealing IT for the last 2 decades and has immense knowledge about the evolution of the domain. Our in depth class room training with planned lab exercises should be our primary quality ontop of our real time project development process.

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace and efforts but we still want you to understand the significance of each day and achieve the milestones given in the class room. Accomplish your lab exercises on time as delivered in the classroom. Eventually by the end of the 20 th week of the program start writing your own complex Enterprise level code to prepare yourself to crack your first technical interview. Learn while you continue to work in case if you are working already in a different domain or industry.

100% Assured Successful Process

With over 90% of our trained talent has been landing excellent roles in very known multinational companies. This 6 months journey with Cloud Experts will definitely lead you to a lucrative career path. And we will definitely stand with you and make sure you are not alone in this process. We assure you that this 6 months program shall put in to the meatier roles in IT, such as Full Stack Web Developer Role, C# Developer, .Net Developer, or DevOps Engineer roles to name a few.

What Is Java?

Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language intended to let programmers write once, run anywhere meaning that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need to recompile.

Java was originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. It was released in May 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems' Java platform. 

Java is a free, open-source, and cross-platform. In the more than last two decades of its life span Java has emerged one of the most commonly used programming languages in the Enterprise world. More than 25% of Enterprise companies uses Java to write complex applications to solve various different type and size of problems around the world.

What kind of roles I will play as Java developer in my Enterprise assignments?

As a Java back end developer you will be part of the core back end development team. You will precisely write the code to talk to the Data bases and other external components to fetch any core information to drive the business logic or any other additional use. In today’s Cloud Native development era Java developers are precisely developing Web API or Micro services applications. And Web API’s are part of every single project out there. Hence the demand for Java is enormous and can simplify the process of landing a job very easily.

What will be the demand of a Java Backend Developer?

Over the years Java has been used extensively in some of the biggest projects in the world by very top notch companies across the globe. And Java has always proved its worth in fulfilling all the project needs and demands. Be it Fintech, Product, Health care of Manufacturing or any other domain Java can be used flawlessly. This increases the demand for the Java Back End developer graduated at Code Experts in the Enterprise market. 

What is the salary range for Java Developer?

Salaries for Java developers range from $75,000 to $115,000. On an average the annual base pay for Java developer is around $90,000.

100% Assured Java developer Career Services:

Our career support team will prepare you for Java Developer interview questions, interview cracking tips, resume building and assure you 100% for the Java developer jobs. Our Sales team will rigorously work one on one until you land a job before completion of the 6 months program.

Who can be part of Java Backend Developer program?

Anyone who is fascinated to be part of writing Core code in a given application and believe in their importance of the language requirements and demands can be part of Java Backend developer program. At Code Experts we train Java developers with nuances of Complex Algorithms and Data Structures and other techniques to write core code in any big projects in the world. Almost all the OOPS based languages has very common OOAD (Object-oriented analysis and design) concepts. And learning one popular language like Java can simplify the process of learning any popular languages in the market now.

I don’t have technical back ground, can I still become a Java backend developer?

You come from any job or education back ground you can still learn to code in Java. But it is always good if you are coming from at least technical education background that could simplify your coding journey with Java. As any core programming languages expects has some mathematical or engineering understanding abilities to write crispy and meaning code. It is recommended but not mandatory to have the same back ground in education of current back job.

How many hours do I need to invest to master Java developer skills?

    • On an average one is expected to spend at least 4-6 hours daily to simplify the process of mastering the Java programming language to work for a enterprise company. 

    • At Code Experts the Java backend developer boot camp is designed comprehensively to teach the skills required to learning about the complete project development process keeping Java language as the key skills. 

    • We will try to make sure you learn the art of writing complex code and complete a real time project in the boot camp.

Do I get to work in a Real Time Project?

    • Yes each Alumnus is going to be part of real time projects which are in house or client specific ones.

    • The subject learnt in the class rooms will be used to write some meaningful code to accomplish a real time application. Where in all the SDLC steps will be used to deliver the application to any given cloud and will be demonstrated with a complete execution flow. 

    • Each group of folks part of a module will be accomplishing their responsibilities and accumulate the project code in Github. And the same will be used in the CI/CD pipelines to deploy into a cloud server.

What are the Prerequisites to be part of this program?

What should be my qualifications?

You have to be at least a High School graduate to be part of any of the Code Experts  program.

What kind of Hardware I need?

You need to have at least a I5 or I7 laptop with Windows 10 OS configured. Remaining other tools will be installed in the verge of the course.

Can Code Experts provide the required Hardware?

Yes Code Experts Hardware team can help you with a completely configured Hardware. You need to contact the Course Admins for more details.

Do I need to leave my Job to join this program?

No you will continue work and can join any Code Experts program based your schedule. All Code Expert programs are delivered both in the morning and evening schedules.

Will I get a Certificate after completion of this Course?

Yes Code Experts will provide a Java Developer Certificate after the course successful completion.

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Module I:

Introduction to Java

    • Java Language
    • Java Platforms
    • Java Technologies
    • History of Java
Module II:

Java Vs C

    • Similarities between C and Java
    • Differences between C and Java
Module III:

Standard Edition of Java

    • JDK
    • PATH
Module IV:

Java Application Development

    • Developing, Compiling and Executing a simple Java program
    • Details of main() of a stand-alone Java program
Module V:

Data Types

    • int
    • float

      • char
      • double
      • boolean
      • short
      • long
      • byte
    Module VI:

    Object Oriented Programming through Java

      • Encapsulation
      • Class
      • Implementing Inheritance in Java
      • Types of Inheritance
      • Super class
      • Sub class
      • Constructors in Inheritance
      • Method Overriding
      • abstract classes
      • abstract methods
    Module VII:


      • Static polymorphism
      • Dynamic polymorphism
      • Static binding Vs Dynamic Binding
    Module VIII:


      • Interface Vs abstract class
      • Role of interfaces in Real time projects
      • Interfaces inheriting from other interfaces
      • Declarative Multiple Inheritance using
    Module IX:

    Exception Handling

      • Types of Errors
      • Need of Exception Handling
      • try, catch, throw, throws, finally
      • try with resources
      • Exception Hierarchy
      • User defined Exceptions
    Module X:


      • Byte Oriented Streams
      • Character Oriented Streams
      • class
      • Object Serialization
    Module XI:


      • Object
      • Attributes(properties)
      • Operations(methods)

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    Cloud Deployment



















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